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New Dimension Plus

New Dimension Plus is the most cutting edge uniform collection available today. It combines comfort with functionality so you can get the job done. If your job requires performance, but comfort is a must, then New Dimension Plus is what you need.

New Dimension

Across our New Dimension® line, we’ve gone the extra mile on material selection. That’s why you’ll find us using cutting-edge mechanical poly/cotton stretch fabrics for their extreme comfort and easy maintenance. Our vat-dyed pant fabric means colors hold strong and true. Designed for heavy action and long life in a wide range of climate conditions.

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Sentry Plus

Comfort and easy movement? No problem. Extensive testing under real-world conditions makes for better gear, plain and simple. Designed to fit comfortably over body armor, our Sentry Shirts offer exceptional quality and value. SolarBan technology keeps you cool on the job, even when wearing dark colors out in direct sunlight.

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Deputy Deluxe

To earn its way into our Deputy Deluxe® collection, a design has to be dynamic in both style and function. Fabrics like our poly/rayon tropical weave help these versatile uniforms retain their bold color, wash after wash. With a wide range of popular colors, you’re sure to find the look that fits.

Deputy Deluxe Plus

The Deputy Deluxe Plus collection combines comfort with functionality so you can get the job done. The shirt and trousers boast superior color retention and a soft hand so you always look professional and feel at ease in your uniform.

Station Wear

Our Station Wear delivers performance, durability, and a professional look; you’ll get peace of mind with every shirt and pant.


Our Sentinel Collection gives you the essential uniform features to be well equipped under any circumstance. Achieving a balance between professional appearance and real-world comfort, these smart-looking shirts and trousers let people know you mean business.