Insight™ Wearable Equipment Solution

Product Shot - Insight™ Wearable Equipment Solution
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Insight™ wearable equipment solution, patent-pending allows for custom placement of body cameras,  cell phones and other essential gear on your uniform shirt. It’s discreet, easy, and compatible with other uniform brands and styles. Made from 100% polyester for both men’s and women’s uniforms, the InSIGHT fits most wearable camera brands and models. Manage your technology – cameras, microphones, cell phones, and more- with one versatile solution: InSIGHT.

Please note: Insight™ is sold in pairs.

4.5 oz. Per Square Yard, 7.5 oz. Per Linear Yard, Tropical Weave

Available in: Dark Navy Black Brown French Blue Light Blue Silver Tan Spruce Green White Dark Navy

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